Olde Glory Fireworks: Colorado’s Largest Selection!

Firework Locations

Lots of tent locations this year, out the closest one to you or visit the main location.

Get all your fireworks this year from Olde Glory Fireworks!

Our Main Location is Open Year Round!

New Hours:
8am – 9pm
5501 Federal Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80221
Phone: (303) 455-4030


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Fireworks Store Hours: 9am-9pm trhough the 4th

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Olde Glory Fireworks has been in business for 25 years! Celebrating the 4th of July with Colorado’s largest selection of fireworks with over 500 unique fireworks!

Fireworks Factoids:

Fireworks are manufactured in different grades/classes.  What we mean is, we can buy a generic brand, that is made with less pyrotechnic materials/compounds, and pay up to 20% less.

But… And… Or… The Just The Facts…

Example:  We can buy a fountain called Cuckoo, in about 3 different grades.  A,B,C.  One might burn 10 seconds, one might burn 20 seconds, and one might burn 30 seconds.  When the customer looks at the fountain on the shelf, they have no idea.  We, of course, pay more as the quality goes up.

Olde Glory Fireworks buys all premium, or maximum load products, so the customer gets the highest quality fireworks available, at the same or lower price than the competition. That’s the quality of fireworks you get from Olde Glory Fireworks.